Adobe Creative Jam San Diego

An evening of collaboration and inspiration.

On Thursday, March 26, 2015, 3rd Space, in University Heights, became the scene of the Adobe Creative Jam San Diego. Featuring three creative industry speakers, the night also involved a three-hour, 10 team tournament. Hosted by Adobe Evangelist, Paul Trani, along with Nate Spees, of Creative Mornings, the evening was full of inspiration and collaboration.

BASIC Agency CEO & Executive Creative Director, Matt Faulk was first to take the stage. Matt spoke about his early years as a creative, how an accident as a pro BMX rider helped him realize his passion for design, and how BASIC Co-founder, (and Creative Jam challenge participant) Erich Broesel initially started out as a rival. “Be More Human,” read across the screen, he discussed the importance of connecting, collaborating, developing relationships and the value of embracing change. All of these supported the idea behind BASIC and their mission “…we want to build brands people love.”

The evening continued with photographer, Tim Tadder. He shared a number of stunning collaborative projects he has worked on, and encouraged us to embark on our own passion projects. Tim spoke about the creative freedom that comes with them and how you should strive to collaborate with those who inspire you. He pressed us to ask ourselves the question, “Whom do you collaborate with?”

Designer & Artist, Terri Beth Mitchell, was the third and final speaker of the evening. As 50% of team “Ginger Spice,” she was not just a speaker; she was also a competitor in the collaboration showdown. Terri shared how her perspective changed as she grew as a designer and artist, and how important it is to fight for your work. She also explained there is value in accepting free projects, not only for the creative freedom your entitled to with them, but the unexpected doors they can open.

The evening concluded with the 10 competing design teams who participated in the three-hour tournament. The projects were all based on the theme “Great is the human who has not lost his childlike heart.” Divided into two categories, visual design and motion design, each team had the chance to present their work before the audience was able to vote on the winners.  All of the projects from the Adobe Creative Jam San Diego, along with the teams and names of the participants can be viewed on their Behance gallery page.

If you would like to see the projects from the evening, or learn more about Adobe Creative Jams, visit the links below.


Adobe Creative Jams

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